Cyclops™ on the Run

Cyclops™ on the Run

St.Louis, MO--Genos Corporation announced this week that it is nearing its first production run of the Cyclops™, a patented, Spark award-winning, wireless thumb keyboard/remote. Created to communicate with internet-connected devices such as GOOGLE TV, Play Station, PC/Mac, select Blue Ray Players and many more Set Top Boxes, Cyclops™ is now being featured on where early adopters can place pre-production orders to purchase one or more Cyclops™ devices.

keyboard google mac wireless

Genos Corporation Chief Technology Officer and Cyclops™ co-inventor, Mike West, reports that the Cyclops™ pre-production prototypes have received international acclaim and suppliers are anxiously awaiting receipt of inventory from the first production run.

Cyclops™ is a round ergonomically-designed wireless thumb keyboard with mouse combo and TV Universal Remote. There are three features on Cyclops™ that make your life easier, 1) the “plug-n-play” USB dongle (takes less than ten seconds to set up) to use your wireless keyboard and fire up your social media on select internet-connected device 2) the “learning” function for the Universal remote which takes 7 old devices and learns to your Cyclops and 3) the ergonomic-design that allows Cyclops™ to fit snug as a glove in your hands while thumb typing. Unlike the hard-to-type and old style square remotes, you can use the Cyclops™ to efficiently communicate and interact with your favorite TV shows, MLB, MTV, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter through your connected TV, select Blue Ray players, Google TV, MAC/PC, Tivo, Boxee, Roku and many more internet connected-brands.

Gary Kellmann, Genos Corporation’s VP-Sales, reports strong interest from some of the world’s largest makers and distributers of consumer electronics devices, as well as from prominent international retailers.

Genos Corporation developed the Cyclops™ as an outcropping of its work in creating the first nationwide, IPCableTV service in the United States. The internet-based cable television service will be known as GenosTV and is planned to launch this year.

keyboard google mac wireless

For more information, go to keyword "Cyclops" to preorder or click the link here :

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